PC & Server Support

Let Your IT Hero be your IT Department

When it comes to your small business, there's never a good time for a server to crash, a hard drive to go bad or a monitor to simply stop working. A small technical issue can quickly blossom into a full-scale business emergency if it isn't correctly handled. And the reality is that most small businesses are unable to afford full-time IT staff that can help with day-to-day issues and manage problems as they arise.

Thankfully, you have an alternative to hiring costly in-house IT techs--let Your IT Her serve as your outsourced IT department. Our skilled experts can handle all aspects of your tech support, network support and computer support needs.

Outsourcing Small Business IT needs saves money

A Workstation needs an upgrade, the boss's laptop needs updated antivirus definitions and the marketing department needs to install and set permissions for multi-user lead tracking software. While it would be nice to have IT professionals in-house to help with day-to-day computer support issues, it would also be prohibitively costly.

Remote tech support gets you back on track faster

Whoever said 'time is money' knew exactly what they were talking about. If your network stops functioning, business simply stops until it's working again. Your IT Her offers remote IT support, logging on and diagnosing computer and network problems without needing to step foot in your office. That means that you can get back to business without worrying about your support tech being tied up in traffic.

Get Started: Tech Support for Small Businesses

Looking for certified small business computer support services? Contact Your IT Her to learn more about how we can help your small or mid-sized business (SMB) to be more efficient by improving and maintaining your IT systems and computer support needs. One of our small business computer support and IT experts will be happy to assess your needs and give you a free quote on our services.